Hard Merchandise & Falcon Mug 13oz

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Enjoy your java right out of this hard-core solid plastic mug with the perfect handle that Dave Marciano picked out himself for his coffee. You know how grumpy we is without coffee, and, you have seen how much he drinks. So this mug is super-durable to withstand all the cups you need to drink!

Printed with Falcon on one side and Hard Merchandise on the other side.


Mug 13oz is made from break-resistant durable plastic. Personalized Desktop Mug features extra-wide non-skid base.

  • BPA free
  • Microwave safe
  • Rinse and Reuse
  • Hand wash (recommended)
  • Slide-Snap SS7 Lid (available)
  • Item size:4 1/8" h x 5" w w/handle
  • Made in the USA