About US

Wicked Tuna is more than a show, it is a way of life.  The series highlights how Gloucester fisherman have lived for generations. 

We here at Seaside Graphics have been creating product for the Wicked Tuna Captain's since the show began, and fishermen's gear for decades.   Our history in graphic design, printing, and overall branding allows us to engineer a 360 brand experience -  crucial to highlighting Wicked Tuna to it's full advantage.

Our team is steeped in fishing.  We are headquartered here in Gloucester - fishing is in the air here(literally and figuratively).  You'll see our attention to detail and simple love of product in the hand drawn artist's renderings, in the extra touches of color and graphics, and the quality of the items offered.  We create gear we want to wear, and gear that the Captains wear on board.  And we build everything here in the USA.


Whether you fish all summer, or enjoy the tuna on your plate most, the Wicked Tuna Product Line will bring you a piece of the thrill of reeling in the big one.




If you want to take your brand to the next level, check us out.

or call Bill, 978-281-0960